Some woods are soft in nature, some a soft at the time of cutting and then gets hard after time, some are dry, some remains wet and most of the all there are the hardest woods of the world which are used for several purposes. This type of wood is also in the list of most expensive wood of the world. In order to discuss such woods this article is presented. Following are the top 5 hardest woods of the world. Have a look

05 – Piptadenia Macrocarpa

Piptadenia Macrocarpa

This wood contains a rating of Janka hardness of 3,850lbf, crafting it appropriate for a range of projects of construction. It originates from a tree local to regions comprising Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

04 – Lignum vitae

Lignum vitae

A wood of trade, lignum vitae originates from Guaiacum trees genus that are native to Caribbean in addition to South America northern coast. This wood is utilized since 16th century, combining density, toughness and strength at a remarkable 4,500lbf in test of Janka hardness.

03 – Schinopsis brasiliensis

Schinopsis brasiliensis

A flowering plant genus in family of cashew, schinopsis brasiliensis grows in Brazil in addition to crafts an enormously hard wood of 4,840lbf. Because of this massive strength and hardness, often this wood is utilized in building.

02 –Schinopsis balansae

Schinopsis balansae

A tree of hardwood, schinopsis balansae is the tree that uses up big areas of the forest inside Argentina as well as Paraguay. Attaining a monstrous 24metres height from time to time, the wood of tree is exceptionally hard, at 4,590lbf.

01 – Australian Buloke

Australian Buloke

A tree of ironwood which is local of Australia, such wood originates from a genus of tree taking place across the majority of Southern and Eastern Australia. Recognized as hardest wood of world, this specific kind has the 5,070lbf of Janka hardness.



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