Stainless steel Desert Eagle

The company Magnum Research has launched 2 latest, stainless steel editions of Desert Eagle handguns. These handguns are entirely created in U.S.A. and contain a frame that is stainless steel plus barrels, slides moreover one has an important muzzle brake also.

Initially accessible in 2 configurations of .50 A.E. Desert Eagle having stainless steel quality is accessible in normal 6-inch version of barrel plus one more with fundamental muzzle brake in favor of lessening muzzle flip and recoil. Both pistols quantify on the whole 10.75in lengths by way of 8.5in view radiuses, on the other hand 4 lb and 7 oz muzzle brake edition has 1oz. weight below as compared to standard model.

The latest primary suppresser brake is difference from attachment brake which Magnum Research utilized for quite a lot of years as well as is accessible at a lesser price as compared to its antecedent. This suppresser brake intend is in addition now accessible in black with models DE44, DE50 also DE357, although it is presently unidentified if integral suppresser brake will swap on hand offerings in lineup of Desert Eagle. list of most powerful handguns of the world

The latest Magnum Research’s stainless Desert Eagle handgun contains a $1,793 MSRP for 6in barrel edition plus $1,931 for integral suppresser brake model. Desert Eagle in black color .50 A.E. as of integral suppresser brake prices $1,742, whereas similar model chambered in favor of .44 Magnum plus .357 Magnum Desert Eagle handguns are accessible for $1,710.



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