Smith & Wesson’s 629 Deluxe .44 Magnum

“Smith & Wesson Model 629 Deluxe” .44 Magnum is not precisely well-known “Dirty Harry .44 Magnum Revolver”, even though is close. As Model 629, it is a stainless-steel edition of Model 29. That is tradition of Smith & Wesson, representing stainless-steel editions of further guns by placing a “6” at back of model number. This gun is among most powerful handguns in the world.

.44 Magnum of Detective Harry Callahan in film of year 1971 named “Dirty Harry” was Model 29, though the real guns utilized in the film were traditional parts’ collection from factory of Smith & Wesson. In accordance with IMFD (Internet Movie Firearms Database), the actual script of Dirty Harry required Smith & Wesson Model 29 by means of a barrel of 4-inch. The trouble was that particular gun was not in production at that time, so company borrowed parts plus came about by way of 2 hand-crafted guns for recording. One had 6.5-inch barrel whilst the 2nd had barrel of 8 3/8-inch. If you observe closely, you will be able to witness both utilized in dissimilar scenes.

Consequently, as 629, this 6.5-in Barrel Deluxe edition varies in ways from film gun. It is stainless, whilst piece of Dirty Harry was blued, plus this latest 629 Classic has a barrel of full-length under lug. Except that, the 2 guns are very close, and can assume they will bring about similar quantity of punishment.


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