Ronaldo Net Worth: How Much Money CR7 have?

Ronaldo Net Worth: How Much Money CR7 have?

Ronaldo Net Worth: How Much Money CR7 have?


Net Worth

$ 375 Million


Ronaldo assets in total are $375. He has dependably had an edge to him that exclusive his superseding ability has possessed the capacity to hold genuinely under wraps. Naturally introduced to exceptionally unassuming beginnings the main probability he had of getting away from an existence in his common laborers neighborhood was utilizing the characteristic normal expertise with his feet and a football. Ousted from school for being troublesome and attacking an instructor. Such dis-consciousness may have put numerous businesses off from getting this wild young person, yet not Sporting Lisbon, one of the greatest clubs in Portugal who quickly lifted him up from his neighborhood side. Pushed quite straight much into their first group squad, the brilliant looked at 17 years of age Ronaldo was all of a sudden amazing his fans with standard heavenly showcases.

Biography of Ronaldo

Ronaldo Net Worth: How Much Money CR7 have?

Ronaldo was conceived in a place called Santo Antonio which is an area of Funchal, Madeira. His mom Maria Dolores dos Santos was a cook and his dad Dinis Aveiro was a metropolitan nursery worker. He lost his dad because of a liver condition brought about by hurling drinking. This made Ronaldo opposed to drinking liquor. Ronaldo is the most youthful child to his folks. He has a senior sibling by the name Hugo and two senior sisters, Lillian Caria and Elma. He was named Ronaldo in light of the fact that his dad was an incredible fanatic of the ex-American President Ronald Reagan. Ronaldo’s initial days were not blushing by any sort. He experienced childhood in neediness imparting a little space to his siblings and sisters.

  • Original Name: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
  • Nick Name: CR7
  • Birth Date: February 5, 1985
  • Birth Place: Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
  • Height: 06 feet 01 inch
  • Weight: 77 kg
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Children: One (Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.)
  • Education: Escola Sao Joao, Santo Antonio
  • Nationality: Portugal
  • Ethnicity: Portuguese
  • Occupation: Football player
  • Wealth Source: Football

Cristiano Ronaldo is not and is not known to have ever been hitched. He is known to have dated the English models Gemma Atkinson and Alice Goodwin previously, when he was living in England and playing for Manchester United. A couple of years back, it was uncovered that he was dating the Russian model Irina Shayk, and it appeared as if the match likely met amid promotion battles for Armani. Cristiano Ronaldo turned into a father in 2010, to a child who was named Cristiano and nicknamed Cristianinho, which signifies “little Cristiano.”

Timeline of Ronaldo Earnings

Ronaldo Net Worth: How Much Money CR7 have?

Major Sources of earnings for CR7 are football; he is playing in many leagues with different teams. His major team is Real Madrid and also he is captain of the Portugal national football team. He has earned his wealth from football and endorsements, details of his earnings in year are provided below.

  • In 2010 Worth in total of Ronaldo was $88 million
  • In 2011 Worth in total of Ronaldo was $104 million
  • In 2012 Worth in total of Ronaldo was $125 million
  • In 2013 Worth in total of Ronaldo was $160 million
  • In 2014 Worth in total of Ronaldo was $200 million
  • In 2015 Worth in total of Ronaldo was $250 million
  • In 2016 Worth in total of Ronaldo was $300 million
  • Current worth of Ronaldo is $$375 million

Earning Sources of Ronaldo

Ronaldo current assets in total are $375 million and all of these are collected from football, endorsements and TV commercials. He is on the top of list of famous footballers in the world and considered as one of the richest too. Details about all of his earning sources are provided in the lower section.

  • Ronaldo endorsements gave him almost $222 million
  • His income from football salary totaled $178 million
  • He also received remittances of $133 million
  • He received royalty for his merchandises which totals $35 million
  • He made investments in different business which gave return of $12 million
  • His total earnings are $590 million
  • His average salary is $70 million
  • He pays taxes of $180 million according to his income tax bracket
  • His expense for a year are more than $100 million

Comparison of Ronaldo Assets

Ronaldo is known as one of the most famous and richest players in the world. We have compared his net worth with other famous footballer in order to know this information is correct or not? And the results of the comparison are shown below.

  • Lionel Messi net worth is almost equal compared to Ronaldo
  • Neymar net worth is 4.1 times smaller compared to Ronaldo
  • Wayne Rooney net worth is 3 times littler compared to Ronaldo
  • Zinedine Zidane net worth is 5.3 times smaller compared to Ronaldo
  • David Beckham net worth is almost same compared to Ronaldo
  • Zlatan Ibrahimović net worth is 3.2 times littler compared to Ronaldo
  • Mesut Özil net worth is 7.5 times smaller compared to Ronaldo
  • Iniesta net worth is 4.1 times littler compared to Ronaldo


Ronaldo is one of the most famous football players in the world. He is also highest earning player and major sources of his earnings are football salary, match winning fee, bonuses, rewards, endorsements and sponsorships.

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