Roger Goodell is going to step down as Commissioner of NFL

According to Adam Schefter and the post on Tweeter from, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, he has determined to stand down as of his NFL place providing Patriots fans all around the nation motive to rejoice. Goodell has served eleven years the same as commissioner of league. He is commissioner of National Football League (NFL) for previous 11 years since 2006. He previously was a quarterback of American Football. His professional career and being the commissioner of NFL, Roger Goodell net worth is $75million.

When inquired what he’ll perform by means of himself subsequent to standing down as commissioner of the league, he plainly replied “I did not do a thing in past, and I will possibly continuing to do that”. There is a doubt that Roger Goodell is presently frightened to face Gillette music consequently it was simplest for him in order to stand down.


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