Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World of 2017

Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World

Most Corrupt Countries

Corruption destroys the economic growth of any country and spoils the overall image. The list below is based upon the individual report of countries that are considered most corrupt countries and least corrupt countries.
The ranking will change if a country works harder to restore its position. Corruption Perceptions Index has globally reported that corruption has a widespread in all areas of life. The public sectors of many countries are indulged in corruption.

Transparency International reported that two-third of 168 countries are below 50 score which is the drastic situation. The latest research from anti-corruption body Transparency International shows that more countries are making efforts to improve their “corruption perception” scores in 2015.

The countries that don’t take interest in fulfilling the basic needs of citizens are perceived as worst performers and they are counted as most corrupt countries. The first ten most corrupt countries are the countries which don’t respond to their citizens in an effective way.

It is observed that the countries which work to strengthen their public institutions such as police, judiciary, and media lead towards a good ranking in Index report. However, those who do not pay attention lag behind in development.

The 10 most corrupt countries of the World:

  1. Guinea-Bissau
  2. Haiti
  3. Libya
  4. Iraq
  5. South Sudan
  6. Angola
  7. Sudan
  8. Afghanistan
  9. Somalia
  10. North Korea

The corruption gaffe can be seen everywhere, it needs a collective approach for combating it from a grassroots level. Afghanistan is the fantastically corrupt country in the world. The recent anti-corruption conference has put some stress over improved ranking of corrupt countries.

Millions of dollars are stolen and wasted in Afghanistan. This is a serious problem that ruins the public sector. It is reported that half of G20 countries are considered corrupt. If a country has a clean public sector then it should make efforts to support other countries in designing anti-corruption policies, but the implementation totally depends on a county itself.

Corruption perception Index has reported that more than 6 billion people live in such countries which are in serious corruption issues. It indicates that United Kingdom, Senegal, and Greece have improved with last few years. However, Turkey, Spain, Libya, Brazil, and Australia have become worse.

The people living in most corrupt countries are suffering from problems such as less development, environmental destruction, poor education standards, human trafficking, and terrorism. There is a high level of inequality and poverty in these countries. These countries are also ranked in leas peaceful countries for its residents.

Least corrupt countries are best performers than most corrupt countries that give value to a high level of integrity among political leaders, press freedom, and strong judiciaries   . They give a number of different rights to the general public such as proper access to budget report, decision-making authority, independence, and citizens’ rights.

The Index report shows that European countries are prominent in their performance for the anti-corruption public sector. The reason they dominate in every sector is the clean system existed in every public and a private sector.

The least corrupt countries include:

  1. Canada
  2. Luxemburg
  3. Netherland
  4. Singapore
  5. Switzerland
  6. Norway
  7. Sweden
  8. Finland
  9. New Zealand
  10. Denmark

North Europe has emerged as a successful competitor both in the economic field and fighting against corruption. Te overall present situation is better than previous reports of 168 countries.

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“Corruption can be beaten if we work together. To stamp out the abuse of power, bribery
                and shed light on secret deals, citizens must work together tell the governments
                                                                  they have had enough.”
                                                 Jose Ugaz Chief Transparency International

America has made a remarkable performance in uncovering the grand corruption networks. Citizens of America also have conduct mass mobilisation against corruption. It is important for each country to deal the underlying causes and start a campaign for anti-corrupt government existed in most corrupt countries. Actionable measures are only possible if citizens will change the corrupt government.

We have to end political corruption. There is need to call all public and political officials and leaders for accountability. Governments have to designs such programs that will openly present their action in front of World. Transparency is important to achieve good results. Only transparency can enable the general public to make a good choice in choosing future leaders.

Civil society has to play its role to uncover the hidden secrets of corruption that spoil the systems. It is necessary to monitor parties’ activities and electoral campaigns.

The whole situation sets the entire public leaders around the World in a state of accountability for their current policies and steps. Prevalent bribery should lead to punishment in both private and public sector. Most corrupt countries with least effective law and order system first have to improve their judiciaries to show their participation in the anti-corruption campaign.

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