Here’s why US have so many small airports?

The US contains approximately 5,210 airports. That is around 1 for each 60 thousand people, evaluated to 1 for 250,500 people in UK. When and why these tiny airports were built: As there are small airports, there are also largest airports in the world 2017.

US has extensive had a dynamic General Aviation custom plus society generally personal, non-military, non-airline, to some extent non-business or/and non-profitable, derived from the experimenters, private operatives of WW I and II excess planes, in addition to after-WW II zest for personal planes.  This brought about the organization of a lot of tiny airfields.

People who are able to afford and own plus operate personal airplanes frequently contain political and social power.  Makers of costly “toys”, sorry this is the inequitable characterization in addition has control.  US Post Office in earliest air mail days, Congress, US Department of Commerce plus previous CAA, Department of Transportation of United States and FAA, each and every one include always countered to this authority by encouragement industry of GA in addition to the expansion of its services.

In further countries, scarcity of land plus the attitude which aviation ought to be beneath military management resulted in a great deal less GA expansion plus smaller amount of airfields.  Homeland security of US concerns plus fuel costs possibly will notice return of a lot of tiny airfields to further utilizes of land.


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